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Tuesday, 19 September 2006

~its my birthday~

yaa... its my birthday today..19 of september 2006..im 22 years old now..starting the day, i got phone call from my sayang along with few messages from my frens wishing me..husni,balqish,azamila, and few others i cant rmmbr..but today one of my clasmate's mom past away..i saw him recieved a phone call from sumone..and he quickly went out from the clas..after that he came back, took his book and went out straight away..we were puzzled at that time..soon after he called my fren and told him that he mom had passed away and he want to went back to kedah..i am so shocked..i dont know what to say..i cant imagine if im in his shoes..and it makes me feel that today is not really a happy day for me because i felt really sorry for him..he's a nice guy..he always make the whole clas laugh..his absent today reli made the clas quiet..we all gather some money so that he could go back by airplane..at first he wanted to take the bus..but we insist him to take the airplane..i dont know what will happen to me if i was him..it makes me realise that death is always behind you..you wouldn't know when u will die..or when your love ones will leave u forever..i dont want to regret myself if i dont show my love to them..dont be afraid to show how much u love your parents, your friends or boyfriend or anyone..dont wait until its too late..because u wouldn't know when or how it will happen..if i know when i will die, i want to make everyone happy..there must be lots of things that i want to do to let them know how much i appreciate people that i care..my family,my sayang my frens..my sayang..the only one guy in my heart..that knows everything that i felt..i want to make him the most happy guy in my life as long as i live.. coz i dont know how to return all the love that hes given to me..and if im gone, i want him to rmmbr me for the rest of his life..i know i will be in his heart..always...

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