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Thursday, 21 September 2006

~loose control~

sumtimes u feel like no one understands u..how u feel..not anyone..u feel like u only got yourself..u feel like the only person u trust is u..u feel like no one can heal ur wound except u..it's all up to u..cause ppl can only see from the outside but they dont really understands what's inside ur heart..sumtimes u hide n cry by urself because u cant let anyone sees that ure grieving..ure dissapointed..they dont understand how u feel...i dont know why..but im felling it right now..mybe im emotionally unstabled rite now...and i dont know why this tears running out of my eyes..myb i cant always depend on anyone..coz it sads me when they're not around.. i got lost..im to depending to ppl that i love n care the most..but i dont want to be alone..i hate to alone without someone that i love..hmm i fear i might loose that sumone....the one that i luv the most...my only one...

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