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Thursday, 17 May 2007


what type of jeans do you like??for me i like the straight cut and the boot cut jeans..sbb boot cut jeans is very classy..fit at your peha n a bit flare at the bottom..it can be wear with any shoes especially heels..your kaki akan nmpk lg slim n pjg so bgs la ntuk sesiapa yang peha berisi tu..

straight cut plak aku suka sbb boleh buat kaki nmpk kurus sket..n jeans type ni boleh menyembunyikan your big hip..hehe..anyway boot cut jeans pun can do the same..as long its not a tight straight jeans..tight straight jeans ialah jeans cutting kecik at the bottom..and with my big hip??i dont think i want to wear it..it does'nt look nice on me..although it does look nice from the back..*sigh*..
but if im not going anywhere,im juz settle with tight flare..lebih relax n senang nak bergerak..

and another thing,is cawat..i luv super low rise punya..sebab ia akan buat badan kita nmpk lebih pjg..so for those who have long legs,they shud wear this type..low rise pun kira okla jgk for those yang tak nak nmpk too sexy..but i dont recommend the regular one for girls..its too nyonya-ish..kalau pakai nnt jadi takde shape n tak kemas..and girls of course would like to show their curves rite..

my favourite jeans shop is levi's of course..sebab levi's je yang ada saiz aku n the cutting yang aku nak..bukannyer demand taknak cari brand yg lagi murah ok..dekat brand cam applemint ke,goggles ke saiz yang plg kecik pon 26..aku pakai saiz 24..and their cutting sume sgt la takde yg bekenan..klo brand lain mahal la plak..aku sgt2 recommend levi's sbb walaupon harga die kdg2 buat aku pk 2 kali nak bli,tapi actually puas hati..

i hope i have give some good tips to you guys..do leave any comments if u like..thanks~!

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