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Thursday, 17 May 2007

"tak ada hasil"

i haven't spend the voucher that i've got the other day..so i went to klcc yesterday hoping to get sumthing..first i went to shoes..nothing.theni went to clothes,nothing interesting..n aku pon dah lapa.on the way out of parkson tu lalu la kt dior booth.tnmpk karen n aku pn tegur die.die ckp nak analize my skin.for free.aku ckp la aku lapa nak g mkn dulu n will come back nnt.then kitorang mkn at A&W..mkn waffles nyum nyum..after that g blk kt dior booth to do the analize thinggy.lame la jgk.smpai 130.nadia plak nak blk awal sbb nak kua ngn datuk hamid.aku pon cpt2 naik 2nd floor nak cari barang hape yg bley dpt ngn 70 hengget ni..n still got nothing.hmm blk jela..so kitorang pn blk..kene la g klcc lg skali untuk kali yg keberapa tah mggu ni..but dis time im goin alone so i have plenty of time choosing what i want..

on the way nak g lrt tu terserempak dengan diana..lame tak jpe die..n after dat die bg komen kt frenser saying dat im getting fatter!see?ive told u!i do gettin chubbier..huhu..

anyway,my bf is in pulau perhentian having a vacation with his UM frens..and as usual la kalo out of town,batt mesti nak habis.so he only sms me once a day.sooo sad okay..n im gettin bored everyday without him..hmm..cant wait to see him taktau la bile..2 wiks lagi kut..uwaaaa...=(

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