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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

just a quickie..

i dont know what i want to mummble in my blog..anyway mid semester break was over and now im back to jay bee..finishing lots of assignments and preparing for 5 more tests..wow thats a lot of work to do!fasting month is just around the corner but im not done with my 'puasa ganti' just yet..huh what a lazy me..'tula..ada setahun tuhan bagi masa nak ganti tak nak buat..'okay..okay..my bad..nak buat macam mana..im a superlazy girl..haha..

i pick up my baju raya last week at amin jauhary..and it fits me perfect!it's hard to find a tailor dat can make a right kebaya for me..and i didnt tried many tailors pun..color for this year is blue+green+yellow..huhu..i got 2 more baju that i havent pick up and of course its my fav color-pink!hee..i want to put beads on my baju raya but that one later lah baru pikir..i've already bought 'manik' for baju yang hijau tu tapi tak jahit lagi..

i feel like balik kampung this week but i dont know yet..if there's still tickets to seremban then maybe i'll go..

okayla..i'll continue later..have to study for VB test tomorrow..ciao..=)

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