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Saturday, 1 September 2007

::new stuff dat i discover::

im not a lipgloss lover..but i discover sumthing recently dat really attracts me..this..

the color are niceee...i loike!but i dont know where to get this product as i found it in a website..

yesterday i browse to fotopages and i found this akak whos doing beadings business..hasil-hasil dia sangatlah menarik..tapi tak tahu lah berapa dia charge..teringin pulak nak blaja jahit manik ni..memang ada niat nak jahit manik kat baju raya..cuma blum stat aje lagi..ni salah satu hasil kerja tangan akak tu..


Anonymous said...

Hi, if u interested i can get it for u. Email me aina_mazia@yahoo.com

kemek said...

hye aina..may i know the price?