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Friday, 23 November 2007

exam is O.V.E.R

yaa u heard me..it's over..!yay..!
i haven't decided yet on what im going to do this break.but of course im gonna have quality time with my love ones..my family,my boyfriend,siblings,close friends,my cat and some of my friends that i haven't see for ages.this saturday im going to my ex-classmate's wedding,syuhada.i feel like im getting old coz my friends are all getting married.even some of them were already have kids!but im not ready for marriage yet.there's lotssss of things need to be settled before i get married.ok cut the crap.(ape cerita pasal kawen-kawen nih..)..nway i dont have any idea on what to blog rite now..maybe i'll update more later ya!tata!

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