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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

im stressed out..!

hye everyone..
as u all know, im in the middle of exam fever rite now..i,ve got 4 more paper to go and im already stressed out..but im really good in managing my stress..i had aLOT of SLEEP,i COOK,i EAT n i SLEEP again..hehehe..while others just busy 'bonding' with the books..OMG..i just hate exams!exams makes my heart beats 10 times faster and makes me feel like the time running faster than the tap water(i mean when u open the tap till u cant turn it anymore..!)i can't wait for the exams to over..i need a vacation..wanna join me??and of course i miss my family,niece,nephews and him right now..cant wait to spend the time with all of them this break..so for this moment,i still stuck in UTM..wish me lucksssss okay!..~

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