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Thursday, 17 January 2008


its been quite some time since my last entry..its not that im busy or what,its just that i dont know what to blog since going back to jay bee..after all,this IS a boring place..i dont know where to go bcoz theres not too much shopping mall around here..or is it the shop that doesnt interest me..i dont know..ouh i miss kl..hmm talking about that,im going back tomorrow! yay! me n AS are going to have dinner at Murni..yay again! hehee..

about study..till now im not learning so much yet..only a few assignment needs to be done at the moment..but im scared of my fyp..so scared i can't finish it before time..but i hope that will not happen..the best part is i dont have evening class..that means i can enjoy my nap time during that time..heheee..;)

oklah..i want to go out..need some fresh air..im still not having my lunch yet and its 4:30pm now..till then..tata~!

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ilicious said...

pegi penang bukan jalan2.. tp g keje.. blum jmpe tmpt bes kat penang tuk amik gamba.. tp at least bole jalan2 shopping tgk wayang dah cukup ok la.. hehe.. JB x bes??penah gi skali 2.. byk kan shopping complex?nway i'm using d70s..:D