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Sunday, 27 January 2008


mama going to be retired soon..and she's holding a lunch for all her staff on her last day..all of us(i mean our family) will be joining her on that day..dad has hired abg azhar to be the videocameraman..at first i want to belanja mama a photographer but it's out of my budget..so i decided to be the photographer myself, capturing every moment of the event..thanx to ariff, a friend of mine because he's willing to lend me his dslr..i really appreciate your help ariff~!my sisters were very excited sampai tempah baju..actually the event is on this thursday(30th)..orang gomen kan have to wear batik attire on thursday..so my sisters pun nak pakai baju batik jugak..haha..me malas la..bukannya kerja gomen pun nak sedondon..hehe..

and it happens that mama's birthday is on 2nd february..maybe we are going to celebrate it later on..but i dont know what to buy as her birthday present..fikiran buntu..~

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ilicious said...

bila sudah tgkap gamba jgn lupe posting hasil2 dr dslr 2.. :P