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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

~happy 6th anniversary~

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i love u so much!

me and syakir just turned 6 today..alhamdulillah..never thought we can make it this far..huhu..but im glad we did..we celebrate it early because today is tuesday, which means im at jay bee and he's in KL..there's no way we can meet today unless if im crazy and take a bus back to KL..hehe..

well..there celebration was nothing fancy..we just had lunch at Chilli's KLCC and spending our time together..

tgh tunggu mknn dtg

order jgn tak order


my favourite choc

i love him so much..and much more everyday..hoping it will end with a tie..(amin..)..because he's my other half, my hope,my heart,my soul, my happiness, my sadness and my everything..what ever happens, i still need him and i don't want to lose him..

happy 6th anniversary dear..


mawar said...

yeehuu... hepi 6th anni. lama dah weh.. kahwin cepat2. jgn lupe jemput aku! heh..

mek, final sem kan..? ganbatte!!

kemek said...

mekacihh..kawen tuh lambat lagi..dua taun lagi la kut insyaAllah..kasi orang yang dah keje jalan dulu..(ko la tu)..hihi..aku ada lagi satu sem arr..uwaaaa..~