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Friday, 7 March 2008

happy and broke! yay!

im on top of the world! hehehe..i got my new 'baby'!huhu..alhamdulillah finally i have my own DSLR..although it's not an expensive one but im still happy..it's not like i'm going to make money with it (but who knows kan?hihi..) so i guess a D40x should do it..tada!


this is my new 'baby' hehe

i'm so excited and thinking where should i go on my first shooting..it'll be tomorrow, on election day..isn't it perfect? hehe..but i have to learn more about this thingy..so i need some expert to teach me how..and i already get one..it's my senior in TIKL, kak ili..maybe i'll meet her someday so she could be my teacher hehe..

owhh..yesterday kak elle pick me up at STAR b.t.s and we went to KLCC..remember that i want a wedges? so we did a browse thru Isetan and Parkson and Eclipse..and suddenly i'm going out of Eclipse holding a paperbag..hihi..i bought one! kak elle said the shoes is so nice and she loves the color..(i love it too!)..so mission accomplished..and 2 wishes come true..and i'm DoUBly HappY!! hehehe.. =)

the new wedges

so if anyone wants to go out to shoot, do invite me please! and i also wants someone who's willing to teach me more about camera..thank you!


ilicious said...

sori ye u.. xberkesempatan nak gi menembak same.. next time eh bile i balik s.alam lagi.. lagipun KL punye kempen pilihan raya x menarik.. lg best area penang and perak.. hehe

kemek said...

okay nevermind..next time ada lagi..nnt kite meet up ok!

aBoUt mE,mYsELf.. said...

nice shoes!!how much is it??

mas said...

camera baru!...tahniah...smoge success dlm photography yah~..;)

kemek said...

thank you!baru nak blaja je ni..banyak lg yg taktau..hehe..=)