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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

i can't think of a title

hye..im back..i haven't blog for a while coz this past few week,there's nothing interesting to share with you guys..and running out of idea on what to blog..

hmm..last saturday, me and syakir went to MPH because i had a feel-like-reading mood all of a sudden..you see,i'm taking writing class this semester and i really feel that im lack-of-vocabulary since my lecturer is a very 'high expectation' kind of person..and i feel that my vocabulary is horrible! and need to read more! i have to! actually its a long time ago since i read a book..i always want to read again but then i don't have the time..or i don't know what book is good..i dont like the 'malay cintan-cintun' book..huh..(apsal la aku tgk pompuan-pompuan suka betul beli novel-novel mcm tu)..tak berkembang langsung otak..the scope is very narrowed to love..there's more than just love that you can read about that's interesting..cum'on lah girlss..

so i decide to read from the first collection of Sophie Kinsella..beginning with The Confession of a Shopaholic..huhu..(mmg ketinggalan zaman betul..org lain dah lame katam!)..nevermind,as long as i finish it all..but now i left my book at home..i forgot to bring it back..gosh! i missed reading it! its so fun to read..

owh..this week im going back again..gheee..to vote of course!..this is my first time so haruslah excited..hehe..but before going back i still have alot of work to be done here..arghhh...malasnye nak buat semua kerja ni..menyampah!..but whatever it is, im excited to go back and it's already tuesday..2 more days to go..yay!(padahal br je sampai dr kl semalam..haha)..

lastly, teringin nak shopping padahal sekarang poket tgh kering sangat-sangat..tapi inilah wishlist saya sekarang..

  • wedges - clarks or nine west (sangat berangan..jauh nak dapat..hihi)

  • nikon d40x - haa yang ni insyaAllah dapat tak lama lagi..

  • new jeans! - seluar semua dah tak muat..dah gemm laa..

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