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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

oouhh..will i get it?

hye it's me again..today i want to tell you a story..you know how much i love photography, taking pictures, adoring every nice pictures from the photographer that i like and that kind of stuff? well it also include having a DSLR on my own (well..it's more like sharing actually..)

i have this one friend named syahira whose brother will be back from Japan for holiday (he further his study there) and as soon as know that,TING! i thought why dont i just ask him to buy me the camera rather than buy it here..it's a lot cheaper too..so i asked syahira whether his brother can do me a favor and he agreed.yay!

to cut the story, i didn't get the chance to transfer him the money because i had a visit to KL last week(of all the places??) and due to some problem, i just can't do it. so he told me that he could lend the money from his senior and i will pay him back as soon as he come back to Malaysia. so it's a deal and i feel very relief after what he said..

the boy will be back on 4th (which was yesterday) and i am all excited imagining holding the camera as i will going back to KL tomorrow..but what if he forget to buy me my camera?? arrgghh..im sure he wouldn't..because it's not only me, nadia's dad also asked him the same favor..so there is no way he can forget to buy the thing. furthermore, the shop is near to his place. perhaps he will pass by the shop on his way to the airport and remember in instant.

i don't have his contact number(i should have give him mine) so i don't know how to reach him..maybe nadia and i will just go to his house this friday..

i hope he didn't forget so i will be able to have my first shoot on the General Election day..
(i hope so..) =)


Anonymous said...

hi. i'm your silent reader.

is it the NIKON D80? ho much the D80 price in japan? and how about the different, is it i a large amount?

just wanna make a comparison.

thank you.

ilicious said...

nak dgr my experience x?heheh.. mase 1st week dslr smpi ke tgn.. senyum smpi ke telinga and tdo pun sblh dslr.. hehe.. mcm budak2 dpt mainan baru.. so i can feel ur excitement.. nanti dah dpt jgn lupe ajak kite tgkp2 gamba.. and kalo berminat bole join kitorang 4 weddings.. YEY!!

ilicious said...

lupe nak ckp.. on election day i maybe nak gi shoot area KL.. kalo nak join bgtau la.. hehe

kemek said...

hye anonymous..
no, that's not D80..the one that i bought is D40x (D80 is out of my budget..hehe)..well there's a D80 with 18-135mm lense which cost RM3100..different lense will have diff price..and of course its aLOT cheaper than here..

kemek said...

kak ili!
mmg tgh eksaited sgt skrg ni..tapi there's more to learn..if u're free,bley la kite meet up n u can teach me what n how..and of course i'd love to join u if im free..this saturday saya nak mengundi dulu then baru boley g tgkp2 gmba..so imform me if anything k?

mawar said...

uyoo..sila2 belajar dr k.ili. kang da expert, jd personal photographer aku yek! heheeehe <-suke tgk gamba2 cun, tapi takde bakat.waahaaha

kemek said...

bole2 takde mslh..nnt aku bg harge kawan-kawan..hehehe..