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Friday, 2 May 2008

sinful treat

yesterday my sisters and i went to 3 shopping malls just to find my shoes..huhu..kesian diorang..i'm a bit fussy went it comes to buy shoes or clothes or even a pair of jeans! sampai naik sakit kakiku berjalan dengan kasut tumit tinggiku itu..we went to Pavilion and then to the Gardens..last sekali pergi KLCC..

ni wani yang snap

taking a break at starbucks

i know i'm not supposed to use all my money to only a thing..but i can't resist to have this one..it's so comfortable and fit me perfectly..i never heard of the brand though...maybe it's new in Malaysia..i think i have to postpone to buy the new jeans..because i'm broke! :p

the shoes

1 comment:

azlina said...

awak, lawa la kasut ni..leh tau tak beli kat mana???