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Saturday, 19 July 2008

semester break

hey there.

This semester break is not really a holiday for me as i had to complete my practical training. The company is at Sri Hartamas. So every morning i have to get out of the house before 730 am or else i'll never get to the office on time. 40 km every day and RM50 worth of petrol every week. thankly i was given a little allowance every month to cover my petrol money and my lunch. and not to forget,to do some shopping.hehe. I managed to buy new handbag, new jeans, new lingeries and some more stuff..

During the first week, i went to kuantan for a vacation. i love Teluk Cempedak so much (or is it because of something else? :D ) And of course i went there to shoots with my 'baby'. After that, there's not so much activity since i have to go on my internship.

There's one weekend me and Mr. BF helped my mom to paint our old house back in Lembah Keramat. We helped 2 days straight bcoz the new tenant was about to move in. Well, i didn't help much. Mr. BF was the one who did most of the work. (thank you sayang..). So, i treat him (actually it's my mom)with lunch..and we went for karaoke too! it's my first time going to RedBox. The service was okay except there's not so much selection of songs..So 3 stars from me.

while waiting for our food, this little boy from the next table
approach us so Mr. BF melayan.

The present we gave to baby Adam. The bottle is very expensive and canggih i have to say.

On June 29, Mr. BF's SIL gave birth to her first child. So now he already have 6 anak buah. The baby's name is Adam Rayyan..nice name huh? We went to Ampang Point the day before the baby born and bought some presents for the becoming baby. I never thought that Mr. BF could be sooo choosy to buy baby stuff. Dear, it's only baby's bottle..! I hope you're still that choosy when it comes to our child nanti okay..If not then i'll be so upset..

And now i'm back to UTM for the last semester (i hope so..)..Can't wait to finish my study and to..hmm..hehehe :)

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