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Friday, 1 August 2008

i'm nervous

How was your experience when you first met your future in-laws? or your boyfriend's parents? i dont know how it felt like but i'm going to..and now i feel nervous than ever but looking forward to at the same time..there's so many questions that pop up in my mind that make me thinking bout it everyday..goshh this is going to be one serious matter! but if you take it easy, perhaps you maybe will 'perform' well on that day..

Here's what keep bugging my mind..

a) what should i wear? He want me to wear baju kurung. But what color?

b) what kind of shoes should i put on? stilettos? wedge? flats? i don't have a suitable one..! not even the new one i bought last week..

c) should i put on makeup? i don't want them to see my pimple scars or my blemishes..! should i put on just light-day-makeup or how?

d) how must i react? well i'm not that sopan-sopan kinda girl but i can behave well..well..depends to whom im with..should i 'berlakon'or just be myself?

Honestly, i'm really excited to meet them bcoz during this 6 years++ relationship, i never had a chance to get to know them (don't ask me why..)..So i wanna make a good first impression..i hope everything will turn out fine on that day..aminn.. ;)


zizou said...

x payah buat aper2
cuma bawak bekal ilmu ikhlas jer..

Anonymous said...

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KV said...

be yourself. Hihi
good luck yer.

mawar said...

kehkeh..kalut la makcik.
just be urself..
u're wonderful person dear.. mak dia mesti approve punyer..

along said...

ala, chomelnye nervous.

niat ikhlas, insyaAllah, everything will be okay =)

kemek said...

thanks to all..
wish me luck!