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Monday, 11 August 2008

What to cook?

Sambal sotong, ikan goreng, sayur goreng and sambal belacan..nyumm!

Today I am so busy with my-so-called-university-life. I woke up at 10am (because i only slept at 4am last night) and do some revesion for my test tomorrow. After that i cooked for lunch. Then i went to the lab to do my-so-called-research. After finished all the sieving, me and my friend went to 'pasar malam' to do some groceries..we bought some vege,fish and squid for tonight's dinner.Then i cooked. Only after that i can take my bath, eat and rest...fuhh..what a day..! But i loike it..masa makan,tambah nasi 2 kali sebab sambal belacan dan lauk-lauk semuanya sedap..Kenyanggg sangat lepas makan. Tapi tak boleh tidur.Shoot. I have another chapter to cover.

Till then, enjoice!


www.pekasamkata.blogspot.com said...

haduih terliur le..

sak~ said...

nampak sedap, tak tahu la