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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Birthday Celebration

Well nothing special sangat..

On Friday nite, me and Mr. BF went to Victoria Station and have a dinner.
FYI, we're both tak sihat so tak selera sangat nak makan esp. him. Later after that we went to meet Kak Elle at PJ. Lepak-ing Chit-chatting blablabla..till like 1 am and headed home.

The next day me and my sisters went shopping but end up tak beli apa-apa langsung~! huhu..bosannyaa..kalau tak sihat nafsu nak membeli-belah pun hilang..heshh..

And mama give me Chanel Compact Powder as my bday present..thanks mama!

That day we all buka puasa at my aunty's house and my bro bought me a cheese cake to celebrate my birthday..thank you bro~!

The rest, nothing much.
Owh, my dear BF kena denggi. HOpefully tak payah masuk hospital laa ye..coz nanti I takleh nak temankan u..hmm.. =(


~get my hair chopped done!
~get a makeover by Dior done!
~get my birthday pressie from Mr. BF

* pictures will update later.


Hunny MJ @ PinkyRetro said...

have no idea on what to update ke?
if yes...
check my blog...
coz u've been tagged !!

anyway selamat hari raya!!
maaf zahir batin...

take care !!

çiçekçi said...

supper wery beautiful