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Monday, 24 November 2008


I'm planning for a mother-daughter holiday.
Tapi taktau nak pergi mana.

Ada suggestion tak?

I never been to Aussie and New Zealand. Siapa ada experience pergi sana?
Jangan recommend Europe ye. Saya dah pergi sana. Plannye nak pergi tempat yang tak pernah pergi lagi.

Sila beri cadangan boleh?



eleena hamdan said...

i vote for new zealand because my frens been there and she said it's gorjes. and the currency pun not that high.

g new zealand lah!! cam aku lak excited terlebih mau g. but i'm planning to there someday but don'tk now when. hhmm..

Miss Kemek said...

i already book my holiday..
tempatnyeee..hmmm..hehe ;P