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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Shoes Addict.

Oh how I wish I could have theseeeeeeee... Currently in love with satin peep toe pumps/sling back. Yummy..

This is from Christian Louboutin. LOVE it!

Christian Louboutin too. Lovely!

Black pumps. Forget where this is from..

Pink pumps.

I've tried this one from NineWest the other day and I love it! I want the purple one..really comfy.. =)

So now I have to work harder.


thom.a.toes said...

ah..nak kasut tinggi je..hahahah..

Miss Kemek said...

kalau tak tak berdiri sama tinggi ar ngan ko. haha.

Ina Noor said...

i like the black one. tis neat n cute at the same time! :D

n ohh i hv that red ninewest. mmg comfy tapi skarang rasa mcm over nak pakai pegi mana2 pun. haha

n my dream shoes, r the ones in the 1st pic tapi nak in black. tunggu kawen dgn org kaya dulu baru boleh beli AHAHAHAHAHA

sry terpanjang pulak comment ;P

Miss Kemek said...

ina noor - ya i love the black one too! bestnya. nk pinjam bole? ;P

Ina Noor said...

can can ;P

congrats on the job btw!

Miss Kemek said...

ina noor - nk baca ur blog pls. ;)