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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Grilled lamb!

Grilled lamb is one of my favourite dishes.Dah lama tak makan. So after kenduri kahwin Fadh tadi, i go straight to the kitchen and took out the lamb from the freezer.

After like 1 hour, tadaa~!

Grilled lamb. Senang je nak masak ni. Just mix the lamb with rempah kari daging, oyster sauce and olive oil and grill it on grill pan.

This is the brown sauce.

Mr. Mash Potato

This is the best dressing I've ever taste. You can easily find this at Giant or Cold Storage.

Green salad.

And mint jelly. Lamb dishes is not complete without this. Simply delicious!

p/s Sorry if this entry is mouthwatering ;p

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