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Friday, 4 December 2009


I'm scared.

I have a wedding to shoot in about 3 weeks and I haven't finish my research yet, or at least for me. Perhaps this weekend I can practise at Ikin's place since she's going to get engaged and I'm not her official photographer. Boleh lah menyebok sikit. Since I'm working at my new company, I didn't have proper time to 'play' with my camera nor the new baby! Oh sorry, Mr. camera. I'm just too busy and too tired after getting back from work!

I promise I'll make time for you after this okay..


A.P.E.Z said...

practise time wedding aku pon bleh kmek..heeee

mawar said...

isyh sengal..A.P.E.Z tu aku yek. ter-login account dia plak! :P

Miss Kemek said...

hahaha..lawak la ko ni mawar..! boleh-boleh. tp nnt ssh lah aku nak vouge2 kat kenduri ko! ;p