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Thursday, 10 December 2009


Sak turned 25 yesterday. I already planned to celebrate with him this weekend but since I'm going to Perak until Saturday, so I celebrate with him last night. Well actually he wanted to go to Chillis but I suggested him to go somewhere new since that's the only place that we love all this while. So we (or is it me? ;p) decided to go to Delicious since Nadia said the food is really nice and I love the ambiance just by looking from the outside everytime I pass the place on my way back from work.

The place is very cozy and romantic with all the dimmed lights. I love the interior and the color scheme too!

The food, for me it's okay. But the variety is a bit weird coz I didn't expect that they served Indonesian food as well. Their specialty is dessert. So the dessert is quite okay. Sak love the pavlova (nasib baik). Coz I chose that for him.

Entree: Wild mushroom soup




Pavlova. Yummy!


Me and the birthday boy.

So there were us, having our small celebration with nice quiet dinner and sweet talks ;)

Happy Birthday again, dear..

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sedapnye wehhh