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Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Hello, my loud and silent reader.

I'm quite busy with work nowdays until I haven't got a proper time to blog. But, there's nothing much to blog, afterall. The only thing that keep me busy other than my work is preparing formy big day. Although it's like 6 months away but I know I have to start my preparation from now. Last minute preparation is not good, coz this is my wedding day we're talking about! Not a birthday party that you can have every year..

Well this is the pelamin that I wish to be my dais for nikah as well as for malam berinai. I haven't decide on the theme color just yet but I think this is nice. Perhaps maybe I should have shades of purple color theme kan? ;)

Okay this one pulak as you can see is pelamin dalam dewan. But I don't know if it can cost me alot coz mama already told me a ceiling amount for decorations in the hall and my job now is to find the one that I like and within the budget. Owh I love the white! :D

Ni pulak ialah baju angan-angan untuk dipakai masa resepsi belah saya nanti. I haven't decide who's gonna be the designer yet. Everything will depend on the budget. Hurm..we'll see..

And lastly, baju for majlis bertandang. Just a simple one, the cutting maybe similar with this minus the heavy beadings.

I have done my survey on photographer, dias, makeup artist (artis ke?) and designer for my attire and now I'm in the process of asking for quotations from them. Once everything is confirmed, then I'll story mory the details ya..

Wait for my next updates which is I don't know when..hehe..

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