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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Wedding Preparation Updates.


I already called Arma just now and we'll have an appointment some time in May.Yay! I just hope that he'll agree to make my wedding dress. Amin!

Hello guys!

Okay now let me update on my wedding preparations, just to remind myself and keep me on track. Hmm..where shall I start?

1) Dias : I already booked at Ari which is located in Ampang. Syakir and I have been to the home boutique and I am satisfied with the design and concept. Simple and sweet. Deposit pun dah bayar.  This include pelamin dekt rumah as well as dekat dewan nanti. Color je tak decide lagi coz my mom disagree with the color that I want. Sokay, itu akan di finalizekan kemudian. 

2) Make-up : FydaFendy! :) Yes she will be my makeup artist for my big day nanti. I met her at Ina's solemnization. She's very friendly and her work are superb too! Not to mention very affordable! (I promote you ni Fyda!). Supposely I nak hire Ari jugak untuk makeup kan I coz he's good too but then when I think of RM 650 per session and I got like 3 session??? OMG. That's a lot of money to be waste. Memangla kita nak cantik tapi we still have an options to still look good but don't hurt our pocket that much, kan?

3) Attire for solemnization, khatam Quran and reception on groom's side : Amin Jauhary. Well En. Amin has been my tailor since 2004/2005 macam tu. I am very satisfied with his work. Sedap pakai. Baju khatam Quran dah hantar, baju nikah akan hantar sekali dengan baju untuk dipakai masa majlis sebelah lelaki nanti.

4) Official Photographer : ThePhotolicious and Daniel. Hehe I don't think anyone has ever hire two different photographer for their big day! :) At first I want to hire myShots (Fareezul's OP) but they are not available on that date. Then I try ThePhotolicious and they are still available so I just made my confirmation with them. I'm a bit fussy when it comes to choose the right photographer. I have certain criteria that I want in a photographer.
Let me list them:
~ The picture must be sharp enough and clear
~ I don't like over editing sampai hilang naturality and originality
~ They must know how to capture moment, not only gambar yang semua pandang kamera
~ The OP must be friendly
~ They must capture every detail in a wedding eg.: inai in my hands, the ring, the door gift, my dress detailing, anything that you won't see unless you take a closer look youself.
~ Not so much black and white editing
~ Not so much of fish eye/wide lense effects

Haa..cerewet tak?? ;p I myself is a part time photographer, that's why I'm a bit cerewet. But when I saw Daniel's work, I fell in love instantly! He match all the criteria that I want. Plus her wife is very friendly and they're a very nice couple. Thank God I met them at Aqish's wedding. That's where the story begin. I said i want him to be my OP and alhamdulillah he's still not occupied on that date! Memang rezeki saya. And I booked him right away. Kak Kay from ThePhotolicious pun tak kisah if I didn't hire her for the reception coz she know Daniel and dia pun cakap Daniel is the best. She even said that she's okay if I want to hire Daniel for the whole event. Haha boleh? Baiknya you Kak Kay. Don't worry, you still gonna be my OP for my solemnization and malam berinai. Plus, I already paid the deposit right ;)

For those yang nak kahwin and nak hire OP, jangan terlalu tengok yang dikenali ramai sebab kadang-kadang (bukan semua photographer la) diorang ni dah over-rated. Glamor je tapi gambar tak ada lah cantik sangat. Banyak lagi photog yang tak berapa dikenali tapi still menghasilkan gambar yang sangat cantik. So choose wisely okay.

5) Attire for reception : I haven't decided yet but maybe I want Arma to do the dress..hmm we'll see how.. 

6) Wedding Gifts : Still have 1 @ 2 items to buy, the rest all done.

7) Others : Room deco, wedding shoes, etc. to be settled bila ada Mega Sale nanti. Hehe..

Well, that's all for now guys!

P/S If anyone need my help on wedding preparations/ nak my mom buatkan hantaran/ have any question, feel free to ask okay. Enjoice~! :)


Anonymous said...

Ari Wedding Couture ek?
Hati2 sebab dah banyak kes yang i dengar pasal Ari ni. But, it's up to you..


Anonymous said...

dear, when is ur big day? :D

Anonymous said...

Fareezul tu doktor tu kn?*soalan takde kaitan dengan entry*

have fun preparing for ur big day.:)


What's with Ari? kes macam mana ek?

Karen - my wedding is in october. u nk dtg tak? ;)

yup fareezul the dentist. nape,u kawan dia ekk..

Anonymous said...

takde niat nak burukkan sesiapa.
cuma kalau dapat elak lagi bagus kan..

try klik link ni



takpun try google, mesti jumpa.

Anonymous said...

harus lah nakkk!! kalo ada dlm list jemputan lah! hehe~ :p my wedding nnti u nak dtg plak x? :p