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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Book Launching.

Lokasi: Hilton Hotel

It was a very nice event although we have to wait for more than half an hour for the chief minister to arrived. Ir Shaik Abdul Wahid has launched 2 books entitled The Engineers and Slopes Made Easy. The Engineers is like Lat Cartoon Book which illustrate the reality of the industry. Pictures below are some of the content in the book which I find it very interesting..and not to mention funny too!

After the event haruslah ada Hi-tea. Walaupun datang sorang, tapi kalau dah tengok makanan yang sedap tu, memang tak pandang lah kiri kanan dah hihi..At first ingatkan dia tak bagi buku tu for free since MC tu cakap ada jual dekat luar Ballroom. Tapi bila nak keluar dewan je, everyone get a packaging that contain the Slopes Made Simple. Yay! Best best. So to engineers or students out there, I think you guys should buy the books. Sangat menarik. Ilustrasi pun best.

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