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Sunday, 25 July 2010


Bukan cemburu tentang apa. Tapi cemburu dengan kawan-kawan yang dah berkahwin, pregnant dan ada anak. What does it feel guys? I mean, what does it feels to be 24/7 with your loved ones, to have a little precious in your tummy and to raise a child and to be called mom?..

It's like I'm left behind..haha I know it sounds funny. Benda kahwin, ada anak ni bukannya untuk dilumba-lumba. Bukan macam kantoi paper and kena repeat lagi skali. Kalau tak, lambat grad. But I just want to know macam mana indahnya halal itu, macam mana rasanya menjadi seorang ibu which I will figure it out sooner or later insyaAllah..

Hmm..but the question is, am I ready to become all that? I don't know..But I hope it will turn out just fine..amin... 

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