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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Entri emo.

Kalau boleh aku luahkan, akan aku luahkan dari dulu lagi.
Biar kau tahu macam mana rasa dipergunakan.
Tak dihargai.

Tiba-tiba aku teringat kisah dulu- dulu.
Hati jadi sakit. Sangat.
Pergi mamp*s.

Sekali orang buat hati aku sakit, jangan harap aku nak berbaik lagi.


amElyn said...

hi dear!!
im bloghopping n this my first time to be here.feel free to drop by n share some info bout wedding prep eh!
im following u btw~
kip in touch yahh! xx

p/s : so sorry if terlari topik.im getting married this coming Oct.i love the white shoes from ur previous entry! simply nice..eh dear, u dah kawen blom?? blur jap*


Hi amelyn.

Firstly, thanks for dropping by and following my blog. Really appreciate it. I'm going to get married in October too! :)

About the white shoes, is it from the Latest Job entry? It's from Charmain if I'm not mistaken.

Anyways, InsyaAllah I will update more on my wedding preparation. Just stay tuned, coz I might privatize my blog sooner or later :)

amElyn said...

yup.thats true..
Charmain uh?? thanks dear for the info!! mmuah3!
will have to get some time to check that out.
private? oh sad.y dear?? =(