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Monday, 23 August 2010


Where should we go for our honeymoon?

Oh my, Sak and I will only be on leave until Tuesday (or Wednesday) after our reception in KL so we don't have much time to go for a real honeymoon. We decided to go for a pre-honeymoon at some place nearby.

Can anyone suggest any good hotel in KL or any place within 2 hours drive? I was thinking of Avilion Port Dickson..hmm..need to do more survey..

I need help, please..


mrs zach said...

Dear..try sepang gold coast. me pun tak prnh pegi, tapi sepertinya menarik utk sesi bersenang lenang dgn suami. ihiks

ZARA said...

cameron highland? more than 2 hours tak?


mrs zach, owh gold coast tuh dkt sepang ke? will google it out..thanks!

zara, erm i think so..itulah..dah lama sangat tak pergi cameron highland..good suggestion jugak tu..thanks zara :)