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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Teaser : Wedding Card.

My wedding card dah siap :)

The theme is of course simple and nice. White it is. I just love white. It's simple, sweet, suci, murni hahaha..

This is just the envelope. You will see the card once you receive it. There's also another two cards including the one that I made myself.

Now I just need to have all the address of the guests and post it. Owh mind you cost for posting per card is now 60 cents. Cekik darah ok. So the best way is to pass it by hand as much as possible.


Anonymous said...

kemek! dun forget me! :p


of course babe~! :)

Nora a.k.a Aira said...

blogwaking. salam b2b. chanteknya kad =)


thanks nora. I try to keep nice and simple :)

bitsANDpieces said...

cantiknya kad. ur wedding is coming up kan? good luck! semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat. im sure ur photos dengan dz will turn out beautiful as the bride herself :)