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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Wedding Oh Wedding.

The theme will be Simple But Nice...or Simple & Nice..I try to make it as simple as possible sampai kadang-kadang orang lain marah sebab pengantin semuanya nak simple-simple aje. Well, that's me. I'm a minimalis person. Suka yang simple-simple tapi cantik. But beware, sometimes simple thing can come with a price. So I'll try to work within my budget. Yes, my budget. Not my parents budget. Their part is food and door gift. I will not enterfere their part except that they ask me to choose the box for door gift and the cover of my wedding card.

Theme color..hmm do i need to reveal it all now?... Tak surprise la cmtu.. :)

My DIY wedding card is almost done..

Hmm..what else..I need to list out the guests that I want to invite...OMG..this is the hardest part of all....

Stay tune..


juelee said...

teringat lak 7 bulan lepas... isk isk tersipu2 malu aiii bila pk bk..

syudududu said...

time prepare for wedding is mase yg plg best sekaliiii...cherish it! :D