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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wedding dress.

I always had a dream to wear dresses like DCT with nice detailing, patches of lace and swaroski but there is no special event for me to actually wear it. So I decided I want to wear it on my wedding day and I am in the making to make my dream come true.

Credits to Arma Wedding Couture. I wish I could turn like that too..soon! :) Ouh I just love the design. Too bad Arma can't make my wedding dress. He's overloaded with other jobs.

Credits to Linda Rahim. Simple dress and no acccesorize. I love it! Don't know how much  Linda Rahim charge for this simple dress.

These are 3 simple design of dresses that I like. It is made of chiffon to bring the flowy effect. The upper part is made of lace and plain chiffon at the bottom. Even though it doesn't look like any other wedding attire which is full of beadings and laces and stone (kalau boleh diorang nak letak semua benda which is serabut je aku rasa), but it does looks simple yet very elegant. I personally think that less IS more. The one that my designer did is quite similar but I think mine is pretty much prettier (perasan) ;p. Maybe it's the color combination because the one that I showed now are using the same color for the chiffon and the lace.

The outcome? Wait for my reception and see..hehe..

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