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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Majlis Resepsi.

My reception was held at Dewan Merak Kayangan, Balai Felda where else. My dad used to work there for 30+ years so of course lah anak dia mesti nak kenaa buat dekat situ walaupun sekali. Afterall, it was only a small scale event. We invited 600-700 people only. The event went pretty well I shall say, Alhamdulillah. Everyone was so pleased with the food and I received many compliments for the dias. When everyone is happy, I am happy too. Sadly the event must end before 3pm because the hall is used for back to back event. They got another wedding to prepare that night. So yeah after all the guest leave, Daniel took few shots of us at the dias (I must fully utilize my dias because it was sooo beautiful :)) and then we went home.

Here's some pictures Daniel gave me before he handed me the wholesome of pictures of the event. Enjoy! :)

Photographer : Daniel Zain
Makeup : Fyda Fendy
Dress : Zery Zamry

Farah, Aliah & Mimi


Cake cutting, fake cake I mean

Heading to the entrance

With my bridesmaid


Us =)

 My family

Cousins from Daddy's side

My friends from Politeknik; Mek, Aqish, Azam and Fizwote


Hayfa alyya my's Baby Gurl said...

mmg giler cantikla hheh tahiahhhh

Mrs. Syakir said...

thank you :)

::miZz-hiGa:: said...

baru nak comment. hehe.
nice event. btw, my parents was there since my father is your father's buddy. masa diorg kata nak gi your wedding, i mcm penah tgk nama kat invi card tu. and, i pernah terbaca blog u.
congrats yeah ;)


Mrs. Syakir said...

hi syai.

what's ur dad's name? maybe i kenal kut. ur face pun macam familiar lah.

anyways, u pun photog ke? i browse ur blog just now. and i suka la camera strap tu! where can i get it?