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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Wedding Reception.

It was a wonderful one. At least for me. I cannot describe how much I appreciate everyone that came to my wedding that day. 

That morning, when I came to the hall, I was over th moon when I saw my dias for the first time. I didn't knew what it looks like since I just told Ari my dress will be gray and pink and I want this and that color.  I leave for Ari to do the design and I know he's good at what he's doing. Ari did a very good job and really make me happy. Thanks Ari Wedding Couture !

There's is nothing that I want to complain about because everything went smooth and alhamdulillah praise to Allah. I am very thankful that I have a very supportive family to make my dream wedding came true. I love all of you :)

If any of you would like to ask me anything about my wedding, please do so. I'm here to help as much as I can. FYI, I don't do lots of surveys like what other bride-to-be  usually do because I'm such a lazy person. Haha. It's very tiring lah to go from one shop to another, one wedding exhibition to the other..well I'm not that type. I just use my laptop, browse browse browse, email email email, calls calls calls, meet, discuss, measure, finalise, DONE! :D My parents just took care of the foods, cards, guests and the door gifts.

I think I'm no good with words. Can we just enjoy the pictures now? ;P

Venue : Dewan Merak Kayangan, Felda
Time : 1200 hrs - 1430 hrs
Date : 10 October 2010
Makeup : FydaFendy
Dress : Zery Zamry
Dias : Ari Wedding Couture
Photographer : Daniel Zain


More pictures will be uploaded soon :)

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